El juego del angel

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Título: El juego del ángel de Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Fecha: 12 nov 2020
Tamaño: 2.03MB
Genero: Libros juveniles


The Angel Game is a great adventure of suspense, romance and disaster, through a maze of mysteries where a masterful tale blends the magic of books, love and friendship. The author of La Sombra del Viento returns to the Graveyard of Lost Books with The Angel Game and plunges us back into its fascinating universe.

A young writer obsessed with an impossible love in the tumultuous Barcelona of the 1920s receives an offer from a mysterious publisher to write a novel, of course. It never existed, in return for a fortune and a lot more, maybe. «Don’t risk your life the next time you want to save a book … I’ll take you to a secret place where books never die and no one can kill them.»

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